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How to Wash shoes inside a Washing Machine

Washing shoes in a machine can be convenient, especially if they are machine-washable. However, not all shoes are suitable for machine washing, so it’s crucial to check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Here’s a general guide on how to wash shoes in a washing machine:

Materials Needed:

  1. Mesh Laundry Bag or Pillowcase:
    • Use a mesh laundry bag or put the shoes in an old pillowcase to protect them and prevent damage to the washing machine.
  2. Mild Detergent:
    • Use a mild detergent to avoid damaging the materials of the shoes.
  3. Old Towels or Cloth:
    • Stuff the shoes with old towels or cloth to help maintain their shape during washing.


  1. Remove Insoles and Laces:
    • Take out the insoles and laces from the shoes. Wash them separately by hand.
  2. Brush Off Excess Dirt:
    • Use a soft brush or cloth to remove loose dirt or debris from the shoes.
  3. Pre-treat Stains:
    • If there are stubborn stains, pre-treat them with a small amount of stain remover or a mixture of water and mild detergent.
  4. Place Shoes in a Mesh Bag or Pillowcase:
    • Put each shoe into a mesh laundry bag or an old pillowcase. This helps protect the shoes and prevents them from banging against the washing machine drum.
  5. Add Towels or Cloth:
    • Stuff the shoes with old towels or cloth to help them maintain their shape and reduce the noise in the washing machine.
  6. Use Cold Water:
    • Set the washing machine to a gentle cycle with cold water. Hot water can damage certain shoe materials.
  7. Use a Mild Detergent:
    • Add a small amount of mild detergent to the washing machine. Avoid using bleach or strong chemicals, as they can damage the shoes.
  8. Avoid Agitation Damage:
    • If your washing machine allows, you can pause the cycle after it fills with water to let the shoes soak. This can help loosen dirt and stains without subjecting the shoes to excessive agitation.
  9. Air Dry:
    • After washing, remove the shoes from the mesh bag or pillowcase and let them air dry naturally. Do not use direct heat sources like radiators or dryers; they can damage certain shoe materials.
  10. Reinsert Insoles and Laces:
    • Once the shoes are completely dry, reinsert the insoles and laces.

Important Tips:

  • Always check the care label and manufacturer’s instructions before washing shoes in a machine.
  • Avoid washing shoes with leather or delicate materials in a machine, as they may get damaged.
  • Please do not use a spin cycle, as it can cause the shoes to become misshapen.
  • Hand-washing the shoes with a mild detergent and a soft brush is safer if in doubt.

Remember, not all shoes are suitable for machine washing, and some may require special care. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best results.

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